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DS Arthur MacArthur- Genl, Civil War MOH, Dad Gen Doug MacArthur

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DS Arthur MacArthur- Genl, Civil War MOH, Dad Gen Doug MacArthur Picture and Description:

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1 pg. document [Special Orders], July 23, 1889, Adjutant General's Office, Washington D.C., signed by [Lt. General] Arthur MacArthur, Jr. (1845-1912) Civil War MOH winner (Missionary Ridge), Governor General Philippines, and Father of General Douglas MacArthur. The document orders Captain John G. Butler, Ordnance Dept., to leave the St. Louis Powder Depot at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri and go to King Powder Co., in Ohio to inspect the powder being made there for use by the Ordinance Dept. in their weaponry. Butler, also a Civil War Vet, became a US General. Arthur MacArthur was born in Massachusetts, the son of Governor Arthur MacArthur, Sr. (4th Gov. of Wisconsin). When the Civil War began, Arthur joined the 24th Wisc. Vols. With the 24th he saw action at Chickamauga, Stone River, Chattanooga, the Atlanta Campaign, and Franklin. He won the Congressional Medal of Honor at the Battle of Missionary Ridge in Nov. 1863, by seizing and planting the regimental flag at the crest of Missionary Ridge at a critical moment, shouting "On Wisconsin." He was 18 years old at the time. He was brevetted Lt. Col. at the wars end. Because of his age (then 19) he gained national recognition as "The Boy Colonel." Post war he was appointed to the 17th US Inf., rising to the rank of Captain. During this time his sons Arthur MacArthur III, and Douglas Macarthur were born. In 1885, while commander of Fort Selden in New Mexico, he took part in the campaign against Geronimo. In 1889, he was appointed Asst. Adjutant General of the Army (the position in which he signs these orders) with the rank of Major. He was appointed Lt. Colonel until 1897. When the Spanish American War began, Arthur was promoted temporary Brigadier General in the Volunteer Army, commanding the Third Philippine Expedition. While in the Philippines he commanded the 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, VIII Corps, leading it at the Battle of Manila, the Malolos campaign, and the Northern Offensive. When the US occupation of the Philippines turned from conventional battles to guerrilla warfare, Arthur commanded the Department of Northern Luzon. In 1900 he was appointed Brigadier General in the regular army and Military Governor of the Philippines. He also assumed command of the VIII Corps.. Arthur authorized the expedition, under General Funston, that led to the capture of Emilio Aguinaldo. Arthur persuaded the captured Aguinaldo to cease fighting and to swear allegiance to the U.S.. He was promoted to Major General in the regular army in 1902. After the war, William H. Taft was appointed Civilian Governor of the Philippines. Taft and MacArthur clashed frequently and this led to Arthur's transfer to command the Dept. of the Pacific where he was promoted to Lt. General in the regular army. After his Pacific tour he held other posts, including military observer during the Russo-Japanese War and military attaché to the US Embassy in Tokyo. Although Senior Ranking Officer in the Army he was passed over for the position of Army Chief of Staff by his nemesis, then Secretary of War, William H. Taft. He retired in 1909. While addressing a reunion of his old Wisconsin Civil War unit in 1912, he had a heart attack and died. His son, Arthur MacArthur III, was a Naval Captain and Navy Cross winner during WW1. He probably would have been a 4 star admiral in WW2, but died prematurely of appendicitis. Douglas MacArthur, who idolized his older brother Captain MacArthur, went on to became a 5-Star General and also a MOH winner. He and his father were the first Father/Son Medal of Honor winners in U.S. history. To date, the only other father/son MOH winners are President Teddy Roosevelt, and his son, Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. The document has a few spots, o/w fine. MacArthur's signature is strong. Buyer pays $2.25 shipping.