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Two 1800s Handwritten Diaries Diary -New Berlin NY-FULL

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Two 1800s Handwritten Diaries Diary -New Berlin NY-FULL Picture and Description:

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Both of these diaries were written by Martha A. Frink, who lived in New Berlin, Chenango County, NY. The earliest diary was written in 1876, when she was 41 years old. She was married to Lansing P. Frink who whose occupation is listed as "cartman" in the 1880 census. They had three children at the time, Minnie - age 11, Louis Jesse - age 8, and Alice May - age 1. Martha was not a happy woman by any means. Although she dearly loved her children, she seemed to be constantly depressed and often was ill. She wrote every day in the diary of the work she had done that day, wrote of her children and their activities, the many visits from friends and neighbors, local deaths and events, the boarders who lived with them, church activites etc. However, she does not often mention her husband or his work, except to say she mended his shirt or some similar type remark. A sampling of lines taken from longer entries: Today the children have been to meeting and Sunday school. The rest of us staid home. A very warm day and rained at night. It has been a very lonesome day for me. I wish I enjoyed life better...........I have got the blues tonight very bad. So discouraged. Lord please help me................Today I have baked 8 loaves of bread and done up my work and that is all for I am sick. Lansing got the Dr tonight to come up and see me. He says I have the diptheria. O how bad I do feel.................taking smart seed and molasses for cough.......... An old beggar called here. I gave him something to eat and 5 cents money............Mr Almer Phelps wife was brought home a corpse today. O how sad it is...............To night a man come along selling patent medicine. I got sold pretty bad.........I have got the blues the worst kind. So discouraged and feel I have not any friends. ............A man here along with a tame bear. He made him dance. I gave him 5 cents.............Ellen, the children and I went down to the Democratic Meeting. Saw the torch lights. They looked pretty........our sistern failed today - no water............blues yet and I guess as long as I live......the doctor has been to see baby, gave her some oil. She is not as well today as yesterday. I am so afraid she will die. O that the dear Lord would spare her. On Dec 31st, she wrote: Deacon Hall is burried today and so is old Aunt Eunice. O how thankful I do feel that I and my family are yet spared. Lord please spare us a little longer if consistant with Thy will. If not let us say Thy will be done and had to trust Thee in everything. So now I will bid this old diary goodby for I have no more need of it. Lord please help me to live right the coming year if my poor unprofitable life is spared....... In the memoradum section, Martha wrote: Why is it that I must have so much trouble. What have I done? What can I do to make it diffferent? Will the dear Lord help me. Dec 22, 1876 And on the last page: My life is not what it should be. The second diary was written in 1882 and in this diary, the author does make entries about her husband. Her depression seems to have gotten worse: Jan 17..........O dear what a cold day and night. I moved my plants into the sitting room. O dear how discouraged I do feel. Wish I was a better person and did not get cross and troubled about everything. Jan 20..........I do feel so discouraged to think I am no better. Lord why is it I am so disagreeable? I feel that no one loves me and perhaps it is right for I am not deserving of love from anyone. June 20.......O how tired I do feel but am so thankful we are no worse off, but I am so cross. I wish I was prized here more than I am. I think sometimes there is no more real love for me from my husband. What can I do to reclaim him? July 16........I am 48 years old today and it is the gloomiest birthday I ever had. Sept 10.......Lord help me now if ever for I am in such deep trouble. The worst I have ever seen. I have a man that cares more for other wimman than his wife that always has loved him so well. the best of any man she ever knew. During the year of this diary, Martha's worst fears were realized. What she had prayed so hard for - to spare her family - was not to be. Her oldest daughter Minnie had become ill with a progressive disease. It may have been tuberculosis, as Martha mentioned her cough and of her "almost choking to death". Minnie was 15 years old in 1882, and at the beginning of the year, she sometimes attended school when she was able, and helped with the baking and sewing. As the year progresses, she becomes weaker: April 25.......Dr Brook called here today. I have been to the village for a walk and get a book "The Children of the Abbey" for Minnies birthday. I hope she may live to enjoy it. Eventually, the doctor begins to come almost daily. Martha paid him with the butter she made: Jul 7............Dr Brooks has been here to see Minnie. Took a jar of butter weighed 10 lbs and 8 ounces. O Lord why cannot the doctor cure my dear child? Please help him to make her well once more and I will be O so very glad and thankful and will try to do better than I have. Jul 23.........Today Jesse has been to meeting and Sunday school. Delma came and brought Jennie down to stay a while with Minnie.......Mrs Mann came up and brought Minnie some honey today. Cora and May Jones have been up to see Minnie today. I feel that I must give up my dear Minnie. Lord help me to bear the shock....... As Minnie grows worse, scores of friends and neighbors visit, daily bringing gifts and food to the family. The entries grow more painful and I won't transcribe them here. Minnie passed away on Sept 22, 1882, after a great deal of suffering. This is a diary of a woman who wrote of her terrible ordeal of losing a child and trying to understand and deal with the loss through her faith. Both diaries a full, with entries everyday. The handwriting is legible, and the diaries are in good condition. Buyer pays 5.00 S&H.

 142353304793334211 Two 1800s Handwritten Diaries Diary  New Berlin NY FULL
 142353304793334212 Two 1800s Handwritten Diaries Diary  New Berlin NY FULL
 142353304793334213 Two 1800s Handwritten Diaries Diary  New Berlin NY FULL